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"Smart Manufacturing" Why are some people in the machine tool industry unwilling to talk?

Release date:2020-03-01 20:26
In recent years, "smart production" is one of the words to make work fires. With the development of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and other related skills, it provides a solid foundation for the completion of intelligent production. In the machine tool profession, some companies regard intelligent skills as a favorable factor to surpass foreign machine tools, and put forward the concept of "change lanes and overtake". Although more and more machine tool companies now use the slogan of "intelligent manufacturing", but in the practical contact, I found that some professionals are reluctant to talk more about "intelligent manufacturing". Why is this?
The concept is not clear, I think that the intelligent production of "flower head" is more than "engagement" for machine tools.
What is intelligent production? When talking about this issue, many people may not understand. In Baidu Encyclopedia, the description of intelligent production is "smart production should include intelligent production skills and intelligent production system. The intelligent production system can not only continuously fully knowledge base in practice, but also has a self-learning function, as well as collection and understanding Environmental information and its own information, and the ability to analyze and judge and plan its own behavior. "
From the above description, the definition of intelligent production is very abstract. Therefore, in practical use, it is generally thought that intelligent skills or products containing intelligent skills can be called intelligent production in production. This has led to disputes such as "Is it intelligent to use robots to replace people?", "Is the upper part of the automated production line intelligent?"
In fact, from the perspective of the masses, robots and automated production lines have a certain "intelligence", which can be said to be intelligent production, or more accurately, part of intelligent production. But such intelligent production is undoubtedly too low in gold content, and there is a feeling that the gimmick is larger than the real material. From the communication between Xiaobian and professional netizens, I found that in fact, many people are not opposed to intelligent production, but opposed to the hype of intelligent production, perhaps low-quality pseudo-intelligent production.
Many of these imaginary intelligent productions are based on manufacturers' follow-up on intelligence. Not only is it not conducive to promoting skills advancement, it makes the entire circle appear impetuous. Therefore, many professionals think that the intelligent production of machine tool careers is a kind of "hype". It is better to practically improve the fundamental skills, so there is a phenomenon that the intelligent production of machine tool careers is "flower head" rather than "heads."
Intelligent production is the mega trend of the entire production profession, it is a performance of skills improvement, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. As a part of manufacturing operations, machine tool occupation naturally requires intelligent production. And not only to carry out intelligent production in production, but also to express intelligent production in products, in order to help low-level enterprises to advance production. However, in the process of developing intelligent production, the machine tool profession cannot be made intelligently for the sake of intelligent production. It must show its true ability. The intelligent production that appears on the surface will indeed only make people disgusted.
Conditions are not mature, it is too early to develop intelligent production for the machine tool profession
As a whole, China's machine tool occupation mainly occupies low-end shopping malls, and is in the stage of striding towards mid-market shopping malls. From the perspective of enterprise composition, although the number of machine tool enterprises has been optimized and developed for many years, the base is still huge, and the size of enterprises is mainly SMEs. At that time, the main task of China's machine tool profession was still to adjust the industrial structure and optimize the product. Under such circumstances, many people think that the time for intelligent production of machine tools is not yet mature, and they should focus on improving the skills and upgrading of technology. The development of intelligent production is upside-down.


Time of issue:2020-03-16 00:00:00

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Time of issue:2020-03-16 00:00:00
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